My new book “What’s So Special About the Danes?” is on sale NOW!  

“Taking an honest look at modern-day Denmark, Stephanie Madsen delves deep into the country’s psyche, interviewing pundits and opinion leaders as well as foreigners adjusting to the “Danish way” and born-and-bred Danes. Their insights will open your eyes to what it’s really like living in Denmark – and if it may be for you. Forget travel books, this is the real deal, a must-read for anyone curious about Denmark and Scandinavian mores. For the born-and-bred Danes this book is a mirror, but will they like the reflection they see?”

The book is available at saxo.com.

You can also purchase the book here!  Simply click on the button below:

If you happen to be in Copenhagen, the following stores presently carry the book… Stop by!

  • Tranquebar
  • Books and Co
  • Politikens Boghal
  • Boghandleren Frederiksberg Center
  • Bogladen Ved Søerne
  • Bog og Ide Nørrebro Center
  • Ræven & Pindsvinet
  • Klein
  • Charlottenlund Bog & Ide

You can also order the book at your favourite location throughout Denmark…