Denmark 2017

Little mermaid, Copenhagen. This series of pictures was taken as I was experiencing Copenhagen in a new way thanks to my book.
latin quarter Copenhagen
Copenhagen University
Xmas feeling
Cafe Norden
conversation in Copenhagen
Streets of Copenhagen
Bibliotek street
The lakes
House in Charlottenlund
The owl
Promotional videos for book
Flowers in Frederiksberg
A reminder that life is good
entrance Magasin
Cafe Granola, Danes like to hygge starting at breakfast
Dome of church, Danes are non-religious but their churches wouldn’t let you know
this beautiful architecture can be found in the country side all over Denmark
Nyhavn liked by tourists and locals equally
Langelinie, typical weather in Copenhagen
Langelinie with windmills in the background, a common site in Denmark
Feeling good in Denmark
Frederiksberg Park
Louisiana museum of contemporary art
Frederiksberg Park mini lake
Stage of book fair bogforum
Avid readers
Looking at books
On the way to the book fair
restorative yoga
Holmegaardsparken, Charlottenlund
Hygge with Me at Holmegaardsparken
Grave CF Madsen at Ordrup cemetary
fitness – cycling
Grocery shopping
Chez la couturiere
Sunset over the lakes
Winter light in Denmark
Xmas eve in Denmark