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- Stephanie Madsen

To be released in the summer of 2022 on Amazon. With twenty-five interviews and 50 photos of Denmark, the secrets of the Danes are revealed. Why are they amongst the top three countries for happiness year after year?


A Word From The Author

Of Danish origin, Stephanie Madsen was born in France and raised in Haiti. She went to university in California where she lived for fifteen years, then moved to France and finally settled in Denmark in 2008, all the while pursuing a career in international business. She has always been interested in discovering new cultures and investigating what makes us tick as societies.

Stephanie Madsen
Entrepreneur, Writer and Speaker.

Stephanie Madsen

What's So Special About The Danes?

Taking an honest look at modern-day Denmark, Stephanie Madsen dives deep within the country's psyche, interviewing pundits and opinion leaders as well as foreigners adjusting to the "Danish way" and born-and-bred Danes. Their insights will open your eyes to what it's really like living in Denmark - and if it may be for you. Forget travel books, this is the real deal, a must-read for anyone curious about Denmark and Scandinavian mores. Foreword by Francois Zimeray ambassador of France in Denmark.