2020 Denmark

Hello to 2020 with news from Copenhagen.

In the time of coronavirus my priest suggested I read the journals of Andersen twelve volumes first volume more than 500 pages. I found the books at this bookstore in downtown Copenhagen. Usually the street is very busy but with corona virus people are not going out.

Assistens cemetary paid my visit to Søren Kierkegaard
Assistens cenetery on a sunny day
View of Frederiksberg park it’s beautiful day glad I can go outside and enjoy the sunshine and fresh air
We keep social distance from each other as not to spread the corona virus
Considering the circumstances I feel there are not that many people in the park today
Visited the closest and smallest park from where i live
It’s springtime flowers are blooming but it’s also coronavirus time
Typical Danish architecture
Today’s visit to Frederiksberg park, sunny but chilly
King Frederick his name is the name of our neighborhood and park
It’s springtime but the tress still feel like winter it is cool out
walking up to the beautiful building to keep moving in these times of corona virus
The streets of Copenhagen these days
let’s not forget it’s springtime
The new way of waiting in line at the grocery store.
the cashier is protected from the customer
isn’t corona virus forcing us to take la pausa?
Copenhagen documentary film festival during corona virus crisis festival moved online will it work?
The streets of Copenhagen were busier today it was sunny and relatively warm
A square in Copenhagen where children play and adults watch
A park centrally located
same park different view
people scattered enjoying the good weather and keeping the social distance
sometimes in life you have to fight
father and child
Ørsted statue
Here are the twelve volumes from HC Andersen’s diaries. It’s sunny outside and relatively warm but I decided to stay inside. So much pressure to stay home!
After talking to my doctor friend she said there was no problem for me to go on a walk each day so today i went to Kongens Have the Royal Park it was a beautiful day.
Rose garden
Statue of lion
Sunday stroll in the park
birds and lake
Last night our Prime Minister said that the statistics in Denmark looked good and that if we keep on the same path she will open up Denmark again gradually after Easter that is in two weeks time so today there were more people in the streets you can see from this picture if you compare with the first photo it is the same street.
The tower in normal times you can go up the tower and enjoy a panoramic view of Copenhagen but today it was not possible too bad
This is how the Frederiksberg park entrance looks today. You can see people and bikes it seems almost like a normal day. We wonder if we did not start talking of opening again too early.
In the park there are instructions on where to go also that joggers are not allowed.
but here is one jogger and he was not the only one.
Beautiful park even though today was not sunny
View of the zoo
It was April fool’s day but I did not thinnk of any prank in these corona times
Instead I preferred to photograph the police instructions of social distance
Today was a sunny day again so I went to Statens Museum for Kunst which was closed of course but there is a nice garden around the museum. The museum is so big i did not photograph the whole building
Did she say GRIM? are you optimistic or pessimistic for the future?
Danish Industry building
Cityhall on a beautiful sunny spring day
A tribute to HC Andersen
The Black Diamond the royal library
Sun bathing outside of the black diamond respecting social distance
The black diamond is closed due to corona virus
View from the black diamond
The Black Diamond is located at S. Kierkegaard Square
Danish Architecture Center
View of the canal
Axel Towers
Inviting door
Politiiken Building Politiken is the largest newspaper in Denmark a bookstore and a publishing house
Nice art work
I like
HC Andersen Boulevard which is located in the center of Copenhagen
Not much traffic in corona virus time
On my way home this writing which means in English go home now
My neighborhood
The danish flag at half mast in memory of the 179 dead Danes from coronavirus
A warm orange building in this beautiful blue sky