2020 Denmark

In the time of coronavirus my priest suggested I read the journals of Andersen twelve volumes first volume more than 500 pages. I found the books at this bookstore in downtown Copenhagen. Usually the street is very busy but with corona virus people are not going out.
Assistens cemetary paid my visit to Søren Kierkegaard
Assistens cenetery on a sunny day
View of Frederiksberg park it’s beautiful day glad I can go outside and enjoy the sunshine and fresh air
We keep social distance from each other as not to spread the corona virus
Considering the circumstances I feel there are not that many people in the park today
Visited the closest and smallest park from where i live
It’s springtime flowers are blooming but it’s also coronavirus time
Typical Danish architecture
Today’s visit to Frederiksberg park, sunny but chilly
King Frederick his name is the name of our neighborhood and park
It’s springtime but the tress still feel like winter it is cool out
The new way of waiting in line at the grocery store.
isn’t corona virus forcing us to take la pausa?
The streets of Copenhagen were busier today it was sunny and relatively warm
A square in Copenhagen where children play and adults watch
A park centrally located
same park different view
walking up to the beautiful building to keep moving in these times of corona virus
walking up to the beautiful building to keep moving in these times of corona virus
let’s not forget it’s springtime
people scattered enjoying the good weather and keeping the social distance
sometimes in life you have to fight
father and child
Ørsted statue
After talking to my doctor friend she said there was no problem for me to go on a walk each day so today i went to Kongens Have the Royal Park it was a beautiful day.
Rose garden
Statue of lion
Sunday stroll in the park
birds and lake
Last night our Prime Minister said that the statistics in Denmark looked good and that if we keep on the same path she will open up Denmark again gradually after Easter that is in two weeks time so today there were more people in the streets you can see from this picture if you compare with the first photo it is the same street.
The tower in normal times you can go up the tower and enjoy a panoramic view of Copenhagen but today it was not possible too bad
This is how the Frederiksberg park entrance looks today. You can see people and bikes it seems almost like a normal day. We wonder if we did not start talking of opening again too early.
In the park there are instructions on where to go also that joggers are not allowed.
but here is one jogger and he was not the only one.
Beautiful park even though today was not sunny
View of the zoo
Instead I preferred to photograph the police instructions of social distance
Today was a sunny day again so I went to Statens Museum for Kunst which was closed of course but there is a nice garden around the museum. The museum is so big i did not photograph the whole building
Cityhall on a beautiful sunny spring day
A tribute to HC Andersen
The Black Diamond the royal library
Sun bathing outside of the black diamond respecting social distance
The black diamond is closed due to corona virus
View from the black diamond
The Black Diamond is located at S. Kierkegaard Square
Danish Architecture Center
View of the canal
Axel Towers
Inviting door
Politiiken Building Politiken is the largest newspaper in Denmark a bookstore and a publishing house
Nice art work
I like
HC Andersen Boulevard which is located in the center of Copenhagen
Not much traffic in corona virus time
On my way home this writing which means in English go home now
My neighborhood
The danish flag at half mast in memory of the 179 dead Danes from coronavirus
A warm orange building in this beautiful blue sky
Søndermarken park
Søndermarken park
Søndermarken park
Frederiksberg park
Today i walked the streets of the city. This is Frederiksberg Alle.
It’s sunny I am not alone walking in Frederiksberg Alle. The PM announced kindergardens and primary schools to return to school but we need to observe the social distancing and other rules.
It’s sunny and the first day of Easter holiday people are enjoying the outdoors.
no flowers yet to this beautiful building
Church. today i listened to the prædiken from my church as a podcast
You can see from this picture that it’s a peaceful afternoon
Today i went to Nyhavn the tourist destination in normal time it is quite empty due to corona virus
Nyhavn the polser is still open for business a Danish tradition stronger than corona!
Hearts in Copenhagen remember to love always
Today was another sunny spring day and children were out on the street having fun drawing with chalk
The lakes always so impressive few pedestrians
Yesterday on the news they showed that the two pandas were out in the sun so i went to the zoo today but all i saw was elephants. I will keep trying.
Today is Easter the church is closed but i could hear mass online. I had wine and bread with me.
another sunny day this is also Assistens cemetery
Kierkegaard’s final words on his life and after life: he writes life is short but I won and now i can rest with Jesus
Dostojevskij came to Kierkegaard’s grave at Assistens cemetery
Yesterday it was Merete’s birthday Merete is my aunt and she lives in Holmgaardsparken and with corona i can’t visit her in her apartment but i can come outside her apartment. So i surprised her yesterday and stood outside. She sent me virtual hugs and kisses she was so happy. She turned 91 and is well.
I called her on the phone so we could speak while looking at each other through the window.
I was there a short 30 minutes and then the helpers came to take her to lunch.
Today is another beautiful day and I decided to take the metro to the beach, Amager strand.
I did not know if i shoudld bring Andersen’s diaries with me and read at the beach or just walk and take photos i decided not to bring the book
Reminds me that Denmark is a windy country but not today and thus the windmill industry is big, in fact iI used to work for Vestas
And I commuted to Malmö in Sweden every day I would take this bridge, it is a beautiful ride just like the bridge is beautiful
So now I am on the promenade
But there are not many people despite the sunshine
Just like the beach not many people at all
Found a man talking on the phone in the nice weather
seating area with just one person
Not sure i can understand the writing but nice idea
A little shade is appreciated
On the way back the instructions in the metro due to corona virus
Today was a beautiful day so I decided to bike to Longelinie to see the Little Mermaid Andersen oblige! I thought i would be the only one but there was a crowd but they spoke Danish so locals only.
The area called Langelinie is beautiful as you can see
View from Langelinie
Found the entrance but i was not allowed in because i was on my bike
Same church closer view
Mærsk headquarters
View of Amelienborg the royal palace
Marmor kirken my church!
A palæ on Bredgade where we celebrated the 150 years of Marmor kirken/church
today I decided to walk to Fælledsparken and on the way i saw this place thought of my good friend Thomas
Fælledsparken is a big park this is where the DHL race is held
The reason why I wanted to go to Fælledsparken is this!
but the entrance is forbidden. On the news they said this was a test center for Corona virus and that the elderly homes would be reopened to visits so i thought it would be a good idea to be tested so I know i can’t infect my aunt but they only test people who have at least mild symptoms.
Fælledsparken is next to the biggest hospital in Copenhagen Rigs Hospital where I used to volunteer before Corona virus so this is the sign at Rigs for corona virus testing but it was not for me
Today I went to Vesterbro and this was my first restaurant in Denmark twelve years ago, Lele a Vietnamese restaurant
Poonchai is my favorite restaurant lately but with corona virus it is closed!
Meat packing district in Vesterbro is known for its nightlife
As you can see not much traffic
bikes but no one walking by despite the good weather
Today i went to visit my aunt in Charlottenlund and took the occasion to visit the sites. this is Charlottenlund Palace.
Charlottenlund Fort
The beach
Beautiful sky/clouds/light
Charlottenlund Palace
the surrounding beautiful forest where i got lost
Today i walked to Østerbro along the lakes
Today i walked around the lakes and from here it looks huge! A total of 90 minutes and more than 10.000 steps. Keeps me in shape!
Today is Sunday i went to Island brygge promenade
This is where all the directives for corona virus are made, with Statens Serum Institute who is on TV regularly
Islands Brygge was in the news because locals did not respect the maximum ten people rule and so the promenage was closed for the week and just reopened today. I wanted to go see how it looked. the police has put the red squares to limit the number of people allowed in one square namely ten.
As you can see it is quiet and not so populated
As you can see in yellow the police is patrolling to make sure everybody respects the rules
As you can see people are relaxing in this nice weather today. I am thinking of JE who used to live here in Islandsbrygge
A bridge to the other side of town this is what i like with Copenhagen it’s never too big so you can’t get lost for long
social distancing in the sun
Tonight is the 4th of May 2020 which means it’s the 75th anniversary of the end of WW2 in Denmark. In memory of my great grand father who was Danish and Jewish I celebrate by lighting candles near my windows for all to see. This is a Danish tradition so we never forget the war.
Yesterday was a beautiful day in Copenhagen I had a meeting with my priest and i decided to walk i was early so i took these two photos of Kierkegaard and Grundtvig and then i waited in the sun because i was early. it was very nice.
Grundtvig a Danish founding father i would say
Today is another beautiful day in Copenhagen I decided to visit Nørrebro via Assistens cemetery
First street Møllegade there are three small independent bookstores
It’s sunny I am not alone walking in Frederiksberg Alle. The PM announced kindergardens and primary schools to return to school but we need to observe the social distancing and other rules.
On Guldbergsgade what attracted my eye was the different signs of the small stores
Lille oasis in the middle of Nørrebro
Down to Sankt Hans Torv
We have now opened the malls and this signs says good distance is good style, always stylish Danes!
On a walk on the CBS campus
Where people meet to do yoga outdoors weather allows.
I try to go to different places in Copenhagen to diversify my photos, this was yesterday’s
But I also go back to Frederiksberg park and take more photos it is just too pretty!
This is Kierkegaard’s grave in the summer the roses smell very good
This is Andersen’s grave which is very popular today he has many visitors
a new view of Assistens cemetery
Today I walked to church and I found myself in front of the entrance i talked about before. So I went in and this is what I saw. The path is not clear so eventhough i found the gate I am still on my path. today at church Mikkel the priest talked about letting God in our hearts and i thought yes God has come in my life he showed me the gate and i am so happy so I will live with God’s love for me which makes me happy.
Me at church today
After church I decided to go back to Noma for their veggie burger this was the menu for drinks the queue was two hours for sitting down or one hour for takeout I chose take out.
This is how Noma looks for the wine bar/burger joint
Noma’s neighbor
View from Noma
with my take away I decided to eat at the opera
The opera I went once and it was a great experience
From the opera I could see Marmor church
On the way back I decided to walk back. It was 23,5 degres today in Copenhagen and people just enjoy the nice weather
I walked past Borsen and Folketinget in total today i walked 17,7 km
I am now at Refugium this is my bedroom for the next eight days. I will be in the company of Andersen.
It’s Sankt Hans tonight it’s the time of the year where we sing and burn the witch.
Took a break from Andersen today. My days at Refugium go by fast. In the morning songs in the church then back to my room and then lunch walk in the forest and then evening song in the church and dinner. Here are some photos.
Entrance to Refugium
This shows how old this house is 1774
i am able to concentrate here I am actively applying for work and to a lesser degree reading Andersen
Frederiksberg Park
A reader at Assistens kierkegaard
A really good idea
Amelienborg with Marmor church in the background